Horustec Airport


What can we analyse?

1. Trolleys will be permanently under control. Horustec allows you to know how many people there are in each area of the airport and where they are at any given time, so you can anticipate needs in each area of the airport.

2. How many trolleys are in the queue for the counter as a whole or one at a time.

3. Elapsed time of use or immobilisation with each trolley.

4. The location of trolleys in terminals and car parks.

5. In the case of other mobile elements, such as sweepers, the cleaning path, usage schedule and daily cleaning time.

Main functions

Dynamic management: Real-time trolley monitoring data.

Identity, sending and receiving: Data on entry and exit of airport trolleys.

Statistics and analysis: Data stored in the trolley cloud and preparation of statistics based on the preferences and requirements of each airport.

Breakdowns and maintenance: Airport trolley maintenance data and condition records.


Tecnologías Horustec Aeropuerto



RFID technology makes it possible to control trolley stock both automatically (in real time) through the installation of antennas and the use by airport staff of hand-held readers.


Ble (bluetooth low energy)

BLE is an automatic remote identification system based on active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It allows airport trolleys to be identified in different areas with greater geolocation accuracy than with RFID technology.



Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology not only monitors the location of the trolleys in real time but also the entire movement of the trolleys within the limits of the airport. This technology provides an accuracy of 10cm in the geolocation of airport trolleys.