Crash Stopper, the value of security makes the difference

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No one is unaware that company warehouses are potentially dangerous places for workers. The combination of personnel on foot and forklift trucks is something that, sooner or later, will result in a serious accident.

If we live in a world where technology dominates almost everything, why not apply it to something as substantial as reducing accidents at work? Carttec has already done so, and with a product developed by the company itself: Crash Stopper is already a reality and is installed in our logistics platform in Valencia and… to our full satisfaction!

Our workers’ safety is what is most important and that is why we rely on Crash Stopper, the workplace accident prevention tool developed by CarttecLAB, our R+D+i centre. Nothing better than leading by example, at Carttec there are no more run-over accidents, no more operator collisions, no more collisions between forklift trucks.

The system has many advantages, including ease of use and installation, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and, of course, its contribution to safety and productivity.

The tool has two alarm levels, the pre-warning: which alerts the pedestrian through a vibrating wristband and the alarm itself: which activates the sound, light and braking devices of the forklift. On the other hand, there is the interaction range that enables approaching forklifts to interact with them, deactivating the alarms.

Once the alarm is triggered, Crash Stopper takes care of slowing down or even completely stopping any forklift or vehicle in the warehouse. 

Safe, efficient, simple. Zero risk with Crash Stopper.

CarttecLAB, we innovate with you.