Eliminating risk in warehouses with CarttecLAB’s Crash Stopper

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The arrival on the market of Crash Stopper, the most efficient anti-collision system to prevent accidents caused by industrial vehicles in warehouses, is great news for those in charge of Occupational Risk Prevention.

There are headlines such as the following in the country’s key media:

“A worker run over by a forklift truck in a company in Pamplona”

“An electric forklift runs over a worker in El Ejido”

“A worker dies after being run over inside a cement company in Olazti”

We all too often see this type of news and we cannot overlook the fact that the accident rate in company warehouses is increasing day by day.

CarttecLAB with Crash Stopper wants to, and can, put an end to these serious occurrences, for which only a minimal investment and a very simple installation is required.

¿How does Cras Stopper work?

All vehicles are equipped with positioning beacons and corresponding alarm devices.  

Warehouse personnel also wear a comfortable positioning bracelet, which acts as a beacon, enabling them to be identified as obstacles by equipment installed on forklift trucks, or any equipped vehicle, passing both inside and outside the warehouse.

The system consists of three levels of alarm: advance warning, which alerts the pedestrian to the proximity of the machine; the alarm, which activates the devices (sound, light and forklift braking); and the interaction range, which allows the trucks to be approached at will, to interact, silencing the alarms, which are fully configurable.

In addition, it has the ability to stop or reduce the speed of the forklift in the event of an alert, by acting on the vehicles’ own braking systems.

It’s all advantages! CarttecLAB’s collision avoidance system works to ensure that the efficiency, profitability, safety and productivity of the company are not adversely affected.

CarttecLAB, we innovate at your side