cartteclab, we innovate as you do

The most relevant sectors in the area of activity of CarttecLAB include MICE, healthcare, retail, airports, industrial security and hotels, with the development of innovative solutions for each sector based on the experience gained during the Carttec Group’s years of activity. CarttecLAB collaborates with the University of Salamanca, with whom it develops and continues to perfect the most innovative products in the company’s strategic sectors.


With the help of technology, it is possible to obtain relevant information about the behaviour of attendees or visitors to an event, providing relevant information to exhibitors and MICE managers.


CarttecLAB offers a complete management system for the control of movements in health centres, nursing homes and hospitals. It is possible to obtain relevant information on the behaviour of patients, residents and staff. In addition, it allows the monitoring of assets.


From CarttecLAB, we want to help retailers to deepen their knowledge of their customers and improve their shopping experience with the support of technological solutions.


Carttec's intelligent trolley management and control system identifies and locates trolleys, assisting airports in daily asset monitoring, in compiling an accurate inventory, creating maintenance records, and in observing performance in manual operations.


Incidents in the industrial sector related to occupational accidents are currently a frequent problem. At Cartteclab, we want to support the prevention of risks and promote safety in industry, looking out for employee welfare and ensuring minimal sick leave.


CarttecLAB offers different possibilities for the proper management of a hotel's different assets, controlling their use and the completion of tasks within the programmed time.