Horustec is an indoor traffic management and tracking system, developed by CarttecLAB from a platform that integrates the latest generation of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology with multiple functions, converting it into an innovative tool, which is especially useful for events, congresses and exhibition grounds. 

It locates attendees in real time, collecting data on their routes and trajectories, and determines flows, hotspots and peak times in different areas of the venue. 

This system can also monitor other users, such as cleaning or security personnel, which enables improved interior layout and space management, among other utilities.


Tecnologías Horustec Eventos



The great advantage of using RFID technology is the low cost of the tags. These can be easily incorporated into the visitor badge and are used uniquely for each event.


Ble (bluetooth low energy)

BLE is an automatic remote identification system based on active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

BLE beacons have a higher read range and accuracy than RFID beacons.



This intelligent management and control system by CarttecLAB identifies attendees through their mobile phone’s Bluetooth signal, helping venue managers to gauge the influx of MICE visitors into the controlled areas of the event (stands, meeting rooms, conferences…).

  1. It identifies event attendees through an app that obtains relevant information about them such as their location, contact details, etc.
  2. A Bluetooth antenna is placed on the stand (or areas to be controlled) which automatically detects the Bluetooth of the app installed on the user’s phone. By not having to deploy a beacon for each user, this system is very cost-effective.
  3. You can obtain information such as the time spent by users at the stand and the contact details of people who have spent a certain amount of time in the area.
  4. The application can show attendees information such as timetables, speakers, nearby hotels, etc. This section is essential as the app must, as far as the user is concerned, be attractive.


The Ultra Wide Band provides an indoor geolocation accuracy of about 10cm, and by means of antennas installed throughout the venue, it is possible to monitor the routes taken by the event attendees and analyse the effectiveness of the different activities carried out.

It allows MICE organisers to redesign future editions based on objective consumer behaviour data and provide relevant data to exhibitors.