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We spoke to Isabel Pilar Alonso Correa, Marketing and Communications Manager at Carttec:

Carttec’s core business is very clear: supermarket trolleys and equipment for retail. How then did the idea of creating a technology subsidiary come about?

The idea arose from the need to develop and integrate sophisticated technology in the world of retail, a revolution in the standard ways of doing things demanded by the consumer.

The close relationship between Carttec and the ESALAB research group at the University of Salamanca provided an exceptional opportunity to create the company’s R&Di unit, and so CarttecLAB was created to revolutionise the world of retail, fomenting the use of technology in the management of the shop floor and to increase consumer comfort.

A revolution is something big. What CarttecLAB products could drive such a transformation of retail?

We have already developed several highly innovative products in data and asset management for supermarkets and in warehouse risk prevention that will bring about significant change in consumers’ shopping experience.

That’s all we can say at the moment, you are going to have to wait for Euroshop in February 2023 to see them up and running.

You said that you have a data and asset management system. Can you tell us more?

Yes. I was referring to our Horustec system, which tracks trolleys and therefore customers on the shop floor, and can track any asset registered on the system. 

It’s a powerful tool that makes it possible to make decisions in the field in real time which in turn means productivity and profitability for the retailer who can see what is going on in their shop at all times.

Horustec can also be used in other industries, like Events, Healthcare, Airports and Hotels.

Earlier you mentioned that you have developed very innovative risk prevention technology. Prevention or cure?

Prevention normally means no cure is needed. Carttec has fifteen years’ experience in retail and we have been working in those other industries for some time. We are currently going into Industry with our Crash Stopper. It is a fantastic tool for eliminating the accidents often seen with industrial vehicles, like forklifts, in companies’ large logistics hubs. Warehouses are much safer with Crash Stopper.

At Carttec, through CarttecLAB, we are immersed in a process of continuous improvement based on research into the needs of consumers and users to provide them with surprising, innovative and effective solutions that meet their personal needs and benefit the retailer.

For any further information and clarification, visit our websites, Carttec.com and Cartteclab.com, where you can learn about all the features and benefits of these products and the rest of our wide range.

CarttecLAB: we innovate at your side.