Have you got questions about Horustec Retail?

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We won’t be unveiling one of Carttec’s most anticipated projects for 2023 before Euroshop at the end of February, but we can answer your questions Horustec, another technology we will be showing at the event.

Solve your doubts with Horustec

For example:

 What is the origin of Horustec?

Horustec is Carttec’s registered trademark for an innovative technology developed by CarttecLAB, the company’s R&Di laboratory.

 What is Horustec?

Horustec is an indoor traffic management and tracking system that collects key, very useful information about the movements of people in enclosed premises of all kinds. 

Which industries can it be used in?

It is currently intended for Retail, Events, Airports, Healthcare and Hotels; however, our developers are constantly working to adapt it for all indoor spaces.

 How does Horustec work?

The system is based on a platform that integrates state-of-the-art ultra-wideband (UWB), RFID or BLE technology with multiple practical applications. Using antennas and beacons, the system can detect movements of people and equipment tagged for monitoring, and accurately locate them in the identified space.

 Is installation difficult?

 Not at all: the installation of Horustec is simple and straightforward. Components can be sited discretely because they operate wirelessly and do not need to be wired in.

For any further information, please email us at info@cartteclab.com.

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