Horustec, bringing order to airports

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Airports are a world unto themselves. People move from one side to the other while large terminals require long walking distances, and heavy luggage and travellers are rushed about.

Maintaining organisation and order in such places is a complicated task for those responsible for managing such complex spaces, and this is where Horustec Airports can make the most difficult things very simple.

Horustec Airports bringing order

Everything is simplified if airport trolleys are available to travellers, in the right quantity and at the right place, to take the strain off them. Horustec takes care of it.

This Carttec system for management of airport assets and trolleys allows you to determine how much is on the counter line, how long each trolley has been in use or immobile and, most importantly, where it is located at any given time with complete accuracy. It can also be incorporated into other mobile elements to determine their route and time of use, among many other possibilities.

The dynamic management provided by the implementation of Horustec Airports allows accurate real-time tracking of trolleys. 

It also provides data on arrivals and departures of these trolleys, which facilitates production of statistics — based on the preferences and requirements of each airport — which are stored in the cloud.

In addition, Horustec Airports can aid improved conservation of the assets monitored by the system, as collecting maintenance data and recording their status helps to identify possible breakdowns or immobilisations easily and quickly.  

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