HORUSTEC: Deciphering consumer movements in real time in the shop

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Today’s retail is subject to constant change, which makes it a model of dynamism that constantly seeks to adapt to new paradigms.

The current shopping habits of consumers determine the need for detailed knowledge of their in-store behaviour, which is essential for retailers seeking to prevent business stagnation. 

Knowing the patterns and routines of consumers during purchase actions helps to increase profits, and this is where HorusTec by CarttecLAB makes the difference — a revolution in data processing, right there on the premises in real time!

CarttecLAB provides the retail sector with HorusTEC, a powerful tool for customer traffic management and indoor tracking. This system stores and analyses information on routes, stops and waiting times of shopping trolleys and any other mobile asset as they are happening. This formula allows you to react to unforeseen situations or inconveniences in the shop and resolve them on the spot. 

How does HorusTEC benefit shop management? It can reduce costs, facilitate asset inventory, compare times and locations on the sales floor, improve and optimise management of the various areas and sections of the shop and keep track of shop capacity, which can also be linked to a visual counting indicator. In short — you can be aware of how purchase actions are developing for every customer on the premises, at all times. 

But it also contributes to better marketing, because it increases the ability to target the consumer’s purchasing decision and to design event-based marketing strategies and tactics, including measuring and evaluating return on investment.

HorusTEC is undoubtedly the modern retailer’s best partner when it comes to optimising costs and maximising profits.

CarttecLAB: we innovate at your side.