HorusTec Events: for monitoring all the movements of attendees at any kind of event

You are currently viewing HorusTec Events: for monitoring all the movements of attendees at any kind of event

The dream of any Event Manager is to be able to monitor the behaviour of attendees. How many people have come? Where have they been? Which stands or halls have they visited? Where have they stopped? What have they spent their time doing? When did they come in and when did they leave?

The answers to these and many other needs are provided by CarttecLAB with its HorusTec indoor traffic management and tracking system. 

With Horustec Events it is possible to locate attendees in real time, collect data on their routes and movements within the space, and determine hot zones, flows or even the busiest times in the different areas of the venue.

The system can also monitor the movements of cleaning staff, security staff or any other employees, allowing better distribution of areas and optimal management of the flow to different spaces.

HorusTec Events works with 4 different technologies:

  • RFID: the key advantage of this technology is the low cost of its tags. It can be easily incorporated into the visitor’s accreditation and is unique to each event.


  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy): an automatic remote identification system that uses active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Its major advantage over RFID is its wide reading range and accuracy. 


  • APP: this technology is very easy to install. All you need is a mobile phone that allows you to download the app. Users are identified via the Bluetooth signal. As with the other technologies, this helps venue managers to monitor the flow of people in the areas controlled by the system. 


  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band): with this option you can precisely geolocate attendees indoors to an accuracy level of +/- 10 cm. Using the installed antennas and the individual beacons, which interact with each other to monitor the attendee’s routes, you can analyse and verify the effectiveness of the various activities. 

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