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The desire to get to know the world, discover new experiences, lose yourself in the streets of a city, explore nature…
The desire to return home and spend time with your friends, your partner, your family…

Airports are full of people, emotions, reunions and farewells… But wait! Do you know what else there is?
The inconvenience and lack of control caused by trolleys littered all around the airport. 

At Carttec we want journeys to start and end well, so we work hard to make everything easier for the traveller and for the airport staff, in short, to improve the flight experience for passengers.

A good way to achieve this is by anticipating events, and for this there is nothing better than Horustec from CarttecLAB, the tool that allows you to monitor the number of airport trolleys in each area of the different terminals, so that you can anticipate the needs of users and meet them more efficiently.

Is it possible to find out more about how passengers use trolleys?
Of course! Horustec allows you to see the times where each trolley is being used or remaining immobile, as well as the precise location of all trolleys in terminals or car parks.

This data is always available as it is stored in the cloud, where statistics based on the requirements and preferences of each airport will also be stored.

Is Horustec suitable for other mobile equipment at the airport?

Of course. You can use it to geolocate any mobile equipment, such as sweepers, for example, so you can constantly monitor their location, their movements, their route, their hours of use and the amount of time they are used each day.

With Horustec for airports we offer three possible methods of remote control:

RFID technology makes it possible to monitor the trolley stockpiles automatically and in real time through the installation of antennae. It can also be done directly on the spot with airport staff using handheld readers.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is an automatic identification system based on active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It allows you to identify airport trolleys wherever they are and with greater geolocation accuracy than with RFID technology.

– Finally, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology not only monitors the location of the trolleys in real time, but also the trolleys’ entire journey through the airport area, with an accuracy of 10 cm when it comes to the geolocation of the trolleys or other equipment.

No airport trolley can escape the watchful eye of Horustec!

CarttecLAB, we innovate at your side