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In any hospital or health centre, the most important thing are of course the patients. That is why in previous publications, we have already discussed the importance that Horustec Health and Social Care can have in correctly monitoring them, in order to avert any odd behaviour or to be able to act with maximum diligence and effectiveness in case of an emergency, quickly detecting who finds them self in such a situation that they need urgent attention. There are many lives at stake and that is why it is vital to use this technology to make the most of all the resources available at the centre. Only in this way can they be put to the most appropriate use. That’s why it’s time to find out what Horustec can do for equipment control

The importance of Horustec in the control of equipment

If you think about a hospital, probably what quickly comes to mind is the image of a building with a multitude of floors and rooms. In each of these rooms there are patients with very different pathologies, so their needs may be completely different. This means that for their treatment the same equipment is not always needed for all of them, but that the material to be worked with may be really varied. 

Well, if this is not under perfect control and considering the number of rooms in the centre and the use that can be made of them, perhaps the equipment that is needed at the time is not in the right place. That’s when we can run into big problems, because someone’s life may be at stake and it certainly can’t wait. That’s why Horustec for equipment control is key. Patients will be safe and workers will be provided with the necessary means in a timely manner. 

Let’s give an example to better understand what Horustec for equipment control can mean. A medical team goes out in an ambulance to an emergency with certain equipment and the other existing equipment which has the same features is being used on a hospital ward. This is when a patient has an emergency and needs such equipment. If the location of the required equipment is not under control, valuable minutes can be lost, with possible consequences. That’s why Horustec Health and Social Care can be the perfect solution for everyone, don’t you agree?

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