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In a hospital, two protagonists take centre stage. One is the entire medical team that looks after the patients’ health, and the latter are, unfortunately, the ones who are also present, not only for the treatment of any pathology that may be of varying severity, but also to carry out the preventive work that is so necessary for good health. One thing to bear in mind is that patients are very diverse in terms of personality and age and these factors can directly affect some of their behaviours. Horustec for risks with patients in the health and social care sector is a tool that can be a key factor in keeping everything under control in the event of any incident. 

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When we talk about risks, in many cases, we are talking about accidents or problems. Some of them lead thereto and, when it happens, it is a matter of acting in the most agile and efficient way. This is something that Horustec Healthcare enables. Any hospital must consider all that a tool based on innovative technology can bring to the table, a tool which aims to make everything easier for those who use it and those who can make use of it. 

Horustec for risks with patients is key to managing falls. There are some that are not particularly relevant, but many others can involve elderly people. This can lead to fractures or a situation where the person is not able to stand up. What Horustec enables, in addition to having perfect control of the patient’s location, is to know where the nearest trained personnel can be found to provide help quickly.

Another risk involves attempts to escape from the hospital. There are times when inmates become disoriented or simply do not agree with their stay and this may result in them wanting to escape. This is where Horustec comes into play to determine where the patient is and, resorting to medical or security personnel, can stop the patient’s escape. 

Attempts at aggression or violent behaviour that may occur should also be assessed. A doctor may find himself or herself in a difficult situation and it is key to be able to access security personnel or colleagues who can help resolve any conflict. 

Finally, a patient may suffer an emergency at the worst possible moment in his or her room. It is key to know where they are and for staff to arrive as soon as possible. The control provided by Horustec can be decisive in saving a life. 

As you can see, Horustec for risks with patients can provide a great service. What do you think? Take a step forward. 

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