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When a trade fair, event or congress is held, the main objective is to attract as many attendees as possible to accomplish the objective of getting these attendees to meet the different clients present at the event whose intention is to raise the visibility of their products and services, so they become known to users who introduce themselves as potential future customers. That is why, as we have discussed in previous publications, it is essential to be able to control the movements of those attending such events. In this way, data is obtained which is expected to achieve profits. However, for an event to be successful, there are more actors involved in it, actors who on a constant basis carry out a very necessary job. Horustec for event staff is an essential tool to make the best use of available human capital.

Horustec’s application for staff at events

When someone attends a trade fair or congress, what they are looking for is a pleasant atmosphere and for this to be the case, everything needs to be perfectly tidy and clean. That is why the cleaning staff is key to ensuring the success of the event that is taking place. Dirt or mess is synonymous with a drop in visitor numbers and that is something that cannot be permitted. 

Also, be aware that there are likely to be demonstrations or tests that may generate waste. When this happens, it is key that cleaning staff can act as soon as possible. Horustec gives you access to specialised event professionals and allows you to choose the one who can do the job as soon as possible. Horustec for event staff is a system that guarantees the best results in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

On the other hand, in order for everyone to feel comfortable at the event, security personnel are essential. It is no longer a matter of hiring highly specialised professionals, but of ensuring that they are available whenever they are needed. Normally, everything goes smoothly, but we must not forget that this never frees organisers from the possibility that there is an accident or other type of incident that requires intervention. A visitor may even feel unwell and the medical service has to act quickly. With Horustec Events, by having control over your situation, it is easy to call on the nearest professional to deal with any unforeseen event. 

Horustec for event staff guarantees performance. It is a tool that improves the functioning of any type of event. Do you want to be able to count on it?

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