Horustec is a registered trademark of the Carttec Group that works as an indoor asset management system, developed from a platform that can integrate different technologies (UWB, BLE or RFID) with multiple functions that make it an innovative tool, which is especially useful for asset management in hotels and residential centres.

What can we analyse?

1. Room cleaning management: It allows you to know when a room has been cleaned, automatically enabling it for the check-in of the next customer.

2. Real-time asset location.

3. Monitoring of maintenance tasks.

4. It provides control and management tools for events held in the hotel


Tecnologías Horustec Hotel



By controlling the access of assets to the different spaces, the assets’ location will be available to us in the areas to be controlled, using technology which is very widespread and whose implementation cost is low. This is recommended when there are many assets to be controlled and the exact location of such assets is not necessary.


Ble (bluetooth low energy)

BLE is an automatic remote identification system based on active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

It gives us a more accurate location than the RFID-based system. It is useful when we need to know the location of assets in areas which are especially large.


Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology allows us to know the location of assets with an accuracy of 10 cm. Through real-time monitoring, not only do we locate these assets, but we can also know how they are being used through the movements carried out.