Protecting workers´ lives, who does more?

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At the end of each year, it is normal to take stock and evaluate the positive and negative aspects of professional performance in each area of the company’s activities.

Undoubtedly, the most important is the accident rate and, by contrast, the safety of the company’s premises. For CarttecLAB, there is nothing more regrettable than accidents at work, and we everything we can to prevent and eradicate them.

We are not exaggerating when we talk about saving lives; Crash Stopper is designed to do exactly that and customers who have already installed it confirm that it is a innovative technological product with a safety efficiency of 98%. 

One of Carttec’s most important values is caring for the safety of its employees and their families. To achieve this and as a proof of confidence, CarttecLAB has also implemented the entire system at the Carttec logistics centre in Valencia. Now, with Crash Stopper, accidents between forklift trucks and pedestrians in the warehouse have been completely eliminated.

How does the most innovative risk prevention system in warehouses work? 

It really is very simple. All vehicles are equipped with positioning beacons and corresponding alarms. Pedestrian staff, in turn, wear positioning bracelets so that they can be identified as “obstacles”.

The system has two alarm levels: The pre-warning, which alerts the pedestrian and the alarm, which then activates the devices (sound, light and forklift brakes). Once the forklift has braked, an interaction range silences the alarms and allows interaction between the two users. The alarm is fully configurable.

But the best thing to do is to see it work for yourself:

Crash Stopper is simple, efficient and safe.

CarttecLAB, we innovate at your side.