Supermarket trolleys with autonomous movement

JuliusTEC shopping trolleys follow the customer around the sales floor and assist them during the shopping process.

The user’s circumstances influence their shopping experience; therefore, they need a trolley that adapts to them.

JuliusTEC follows the customer through the shop without the need for physical interaction with the shopping trolley.

These trolleys have advanced obstacle detection to provide greater safety and a better shopping experience for everybody.

They use an advanced three-dimensional space mapping system to navigate a path through their surroundings.


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Horustec is a registered trademark of the Carttec Group that works as an indoor asset management system, developed from a platform that integrates the latest generation of ultra-wideband (UWB), RFID or BLE technology, with multiple functions that make it an innovative tool, very useful for the retailer.


During their use, JuliusCART supermarket trolleys provide the user with mobile support enabling smooth and effortless movement even when transporting heavy products.


The solution for simple and accurate order preparation.