Horustec is a registered trademark of the Carttec Group. It functions as an indoor traffic management system, developed from a platform that can integrate different state-of-the-art technologies (Ultra Wide Band UWB, Bluetooth Low Emission BLE or RFID).

It has multiple functions that make it a very useful tool for health centres, nursing homes and hospitals.

The system tracks the location of patients in real time, because the vulnerable such as patients who are confused about time and place may become disoriented or lost within a setting.

It enables the monitoring of unwanted movements of patients or residents, sending warning signals to employees and generating automatic responses such as door locking or alarms.

For the peace of mind of family members and guardians, the system is highly effective and provides the security the patient needs.

In addition, it locates assets such as mobile equipment (mobilisation lifts, special beds, treatment or diagnostic equipment, etc.) that are constantly changing rooms or floors, and can determine their position or whether they are in use at that very moment. In the event of unauthorised movements, it generates a real-time alert to prevent the theft of these assets.


Tecnologías Horustec Sociosanitario



The advantage of RFID technology is its implementation cost. It allows patients and assets to be located in specific areas.


Ble (bluetooth low energy)

BLE is an automatic remote identification system based on active beacons with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

It is more accurate than RFID technology.



It is currently the most accurate technology. It enables the localisation of patients and assets with an accuracy of 10 cm.

Thanks to such precision, through the development of algorithms, many situations can be foreseen before they occur, avoiding unnecessary risks.