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The here and now is extremely important in many facets of life. Living in the moment is key, and the same is true in the professional sphere even while looking to the future, so you must do everything possible to be able to resolve any situation that may arise in the immediate present. Indeed, failure to do so may have consequences in the future. In order to be able to act properly and know that everything is running smoothly, it is vital to have all the resources available. This happens at airports, one of those places where more departments have to work in a coordinated manner over long distances. This is where trolleys appear as differentiating elements, wherein it is vital to be able to detect the importance of timing

Horustec, for the importance of timing

Talking about the importance of timing recalls images of travellers arriving at a terminal to start the journey of their dreams, or those who are landing after an unforgettable experience and have to start their journey home. It is clear that in both cases, users are likely to need the service of a trolley to move their luggage in a car park or to go to catch a taxi or bus. It is unacceptable for a traveller to leave their vehicle parked with little time to catch their plane, but find no trolley available for their luggage. In such a case, they may lose a great deal of time or even miss their flight. 

Horustec Airports was created to solve this type of situation. This system allows accurate monitoring of the location of trolleys in airport car parks and at check-in desks. This makes it possible to detect where they are and what they are being used for, allowing them to be put back where they are most needed, making them available to the users who need them the most. We are aware that people often leave trolleys in random places after using them, but we provide a system that guarantees their proper reorganisation, ensuring that they are used to their full potential. 

We are focusing here on car parks because of their high turnover, but we must also consider check-in desks. Trolleys must also be available there, not only for travellers but also for employees, who cannot afford to be without a key resource needed to carry out their sometimes urgent work. The importance of timing is paramount for Horustec. 

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