Trolleys are always avaiable at the airport – Horustec takes care of this

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The influx of passengers, the long distances to be covered in the terminals and the security measures are three key variables that require specific equipment to optimise the traveller’s time.

CarttecLAB has developed Horustec Airport for that purpose — indoor traffic management and tracking via a platform that integrates state-of-the-art UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology.

Utilities of Horustec airport

Its operation is based on collecting data on the routes taken by passengers with airport trolleys, in order to determine how long those passengers are spending with them. These data are processed by algorithms, facilitating control and management of all of them with the highest possible precision. Real-time information makes it possible to evaluate and optimise results, showing passengers’ interactions and journeys at any given moment. Horustec airport is a neccesary tool.  

 The Horustec Ultra Wideband application allows you to work on six different aspects of airport trolley management: 

  • Inventory: This section records the daily inventory information, collecting data on the area, date, number of items on which an inventory has been carried out and the total number of inventory assets. 
  • Trolley data: This function allows the trolleys to be listed. It provides the identification number of each asset, its label, the airport’s internal reference, its date of receipt and date of its last scan, among other details. 
  • Maintenance and type of breakdown. It records data relating to asset maintenance, displaying specific information on each fault. 
  • Orders. All data relating to an order is recorded in this section: This includes the product type, the shipment date, the name of the logistics company, etc.
  • Airport areas. It shows the different areas of the airport and the name that has been assigned to each of them. 
  • Finally, device and user management. Device identifiers and descriptions are displayed under Device Management. Under User Management, you may access the full name, email and telephone number required to contact the user if necessary. 

Horustec Airport is the asset flow management system that optimises the airport and ensures the best user experience. 

CarttecLAB, we innovate at your side.