We answer all your questions about Crash Stopper

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Today we’ll answer the most common questions regarding the Crash Stopper system, a product that saves lives by protecting workers, and by extension their families and the company’s own equipment. 

Clear your doubts about Crash Stopper

Why Crash Stopper?

Crash Stopper stems from one of Carttec’s core values — maximum safety for our equipment. 

What is it, in a nutshell?

It’s the most effective anti-collision solution to prevent accidents involving commercial vehicles in the warehouse and the people working there. It provides real-time monitoring and alerts so that safety, productivity and efficiency are not compromised during the operation of these vehicles.

On what type of commercial vehicles can it be installed?

It has no use limitations and can be installed on any forklift truck (whether electric or combustion-driven) or other vehicle that moves around the warehouse, and on access doors.

How does it work?

All vehicles are equipped with positioning beacons and corresponding alarms. Workers also wear positioning bracelets that allow the forklifts to identify them as “obstacles”. 

The system consists of two alarm levels: the pre-warning, which alerts the pedestrian, and the alarm, which activates the devices (sound, light and forklift braking). There is a range of interaction, once the forklift has braked, which silences the alarms and allows reciprocal action between users. The alarm is fully configurable. 

Most importantly, the Crash Stopper has the ability to slow down or stop the truck in the event of an alarm, preventing a potential accident.

Is installation difficult?

Not at all, the installation is simple and quick — in a few hours, all the machines and people working in the warehouse can be protected.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address: info@cartteclab.com.

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