Horustec airports: preferences are key

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Airports are just airports. If you were to hear this phrase, it would seem that nothing that happens in them would have much science to it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Keep in mind that they are environments where many different activities, venues and people coexist, so each can be very different from the other. Although there are certain basic operating rules common to all of them, and properly legislated, each one has certain different rules, and this is no coincidence. What are we talking about? You have to think that there are large and small airports, with more and less supply and demand and completely different interior and exterior structures. All this means that user profiles can vary considerably, and so can their use of what is on offer. That is why we want to talk about Horustec Airports, where user and employee preferences are key.

Horustec Airports: user and employee preferences are key 

As we already mentioned, in airports it is essential that everything works in a coordinated manner, so we need to ensure that nothing is left to chance and that everything is perfectly managed. This ensures the perfect functioning of what is a key scenario for many users, where nothing can go wrong. Trolleys have become a fundamental part of airports, being of great use to both travellers and employees, so it is essential that they be used correctly so that they are always available for those who need them most. That is why we need to understand the unique characteristics of each different airport in order to optimise the use of this resource.

The first thing to identify is how many flights the airport offers, or more specifically, how many flights are made and which airlines operate there most frequently. You may wonder what the significance of this is, so let’s go into some details. If we have this information, we can determine the likelihood that there will be more movement in certain terminals and at the counters of these airlines. And if we know this, we also know that there are likely to be more people in need of trolleys in the area. With Horustec you have full control over the location of the trolleys and their most common uses. This way you can make sure that trolleys are always available for everyone. This is Horustec Airports, where preferences are key. 

In addition, passenger profiles change significantly at different airports, so not everyone uses the trolleys in the same way, in terms of the service to be provided, or the areas of the airport. This is why it is key to know what kind of people are travelling in order to place the trolleys in the right places. Horustec Airports: preferences are key. This is something you should not forget. 

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