Horustec is synonimous for optimal management of indoor mobility

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Horustec is the indoor asset management system developed by CarttecLAB based on a platform integrating state-of-the-art ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Its multiple functions make it an innovative and powerful tool for the retail world.

Horustec Retail for indoor mobility  

The best way to understand how Horustec works is to highlight a practical example:  

A couple enters the establishment at 11:45h. The first stop is the fruit section, where they stop the shopping trolley and choose the products, the elapsed time is 10 minutes.  

After having these first products in their shopping trolley, they go to the deli where they stop for 6 minutes.  

They continue on their way to the drug store, shopping list in hand and with a clear idea of what they need, the shopping trolley stops for 4 minutes.  

Once they have made their purchase, they go straight to the cash desk, wait 3 minutes until they are served. The couple has been in the shop for 23 minutes, and bought the following: 

  • Two apples
  • Three bananas 
  • Five pears
  • A packet of Havarti cheese 
  • Two packets of Serrano ham
  • A packet of mozzarella cheese
  • An electric air freshener 
  • Lavender air freshener refill. 
  • A stain remover for white clothes 
  • And a deodorant 

After bagging the groceries, the couple leaves the trolley in lane 3.  

Thanks to Horustec Retail, we have the ability of knowing the entire route and dwell time from the moment users pick up a shopping trolley until they leave it behind at a checkpoint. This improves the shopping experience for users, as well as facilitating in-store control and management for the company. 

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