Horustec’s track record and its adaptation to different sectors

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On a technological level, the most innovative and relevant product for the different sectors is Horustec, the system for managing the circulation, location and indoor tracking of mobile assets and people, which has sophisticated software to analyse, manage and store information in real time, about the most necessary data for each of the sectors.

Horustec was initially designed for the retail sector, providing relevant data: waiting times for supermarket trolleys, routes or even stops made by consumers, the location of supermarket trolleys and for cleaning or maintenance in the shop.

The lack of data and information in the events sector triggered an alert in Carttec, where was decided to adapt Horustec to this new activity, providing the necessary data for the realisation of events, such as knowing a user’s behaviour, trajectories, peak times and their interactions at all times, as well as contributing to the necessary security in spaces conducive to crowds, thus avoiding a possible breach in capacity limitations.

There was a clear concern for security in the social and health care sector. Seeing Horustec as an indispensable tool in this field, its commercialisation beginning with the aim of providing peace of mind to professionals, relatives and guardians and security to patients, through real-time knowledge of the location of both staff and mobile devices and facilitating tasks and security, both for the centre and individuals.

The influx of the public in the hotel and airport sectors, together with the workload that this entails, leads to the requirement for a technological system that provides agility, security and technology in daily tasks, such as the location of trolleys for their correct restocking.

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